The Spirit of Jazz

What is Jazz?

September 16, 2022 Presbybop Music Season 1 Episode 3
The Spirit of Jazz
What is Jazz?
Show Notes

Jazz is more than a style. It’s a tradition, filled with imagination, interpretation, and improvisation. We explore the curious practice of creating music as it proceeds. How does that work? We learn by listening, so we offer a tune from a Presbybop Quartet album.

Along the way, Jeff Kellam refers to a luminous biography of Mary Lou Williams by Deanna Witkowski, the equally luminous jazz pianist. We will talk to Deanna in a future episode. In the meantime, we highly recommend Mary Lou Williams: Music for the SoulOrder it here.  


Featured music: “This or That” from Psalms Without Words

Theme music: "All Thumbs" from Faith in a New Key, Bill Carter and the Presbybop Quartet
Music used by permission from Presbybop Music (BMI) 
Announcer: Chris Norton
(c) Presbybop Music

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